Create Your Own Happiness

9 Amazing Tips to Create Your Own Happiness

Creating your own happiness and pursuing it is the primary reason you get out of your bed. Would not you want to have a happy mind? Would winning a jackpot let you create your own happiness? What about your children or having an impressive job title or a house with a white picket fence? Seriously, what makes you happy?

The answer to these questions may surprise you. It turns out that there is more to life than just buying nice things or surrounding yourself with loved ones to have happy moments. This blog will tell you seven simple and effective ways to create your own happiness to live a fulfilling life.

Create your happiness by being present in the moment.

Happiness is about being in the moment. The present is all you have, and it is up to you how you create your own satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your life, you must take control. You should focus on the present and the things that make you feel good.

You should use affirmations like “I am happy” or “Today will be a good day.”  

If thinking about these things feels difficult, start small: write down five things to create your own happiness. Be grateful for the things you have. Be happy even if someone has complimented your shoes.

When you listen to and talk to people, you will find happiness.

Listening to people is a way to be happy. Talking to people is a way to feel satisfied. Therefore, listening and talking is essential to creating your own happiness and prolonging happy moments.

A study showed that listening makes you happier. When you listen, your brain produces oxytocin and dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

This also helps build trust between two people because it shows respect for each other’s opinions and thoughts.

In addition, talking about your problems with others reduce stress, which increases serotonin produced in the brain.

Happiness is a state of mind.

How can you create your happiness if happiness is just a state of mind? That is right, and it is not something you can get from the outside world or other people. Happiness comes from within yourself and is a choice you make every day.

Happiness is about having good quality relationships with friends and family. Be grateful for what you have in life by living in the present moment. Do not worry about the past or future. Just remember, you do not know what tomorrow will bring. So why worry about tomorrow?

Accepting yourself and others as they are without judgment or prejudice will help you achieve that happy state of mind.


Intense physical activity and happiness go hand in hand. Therefore, physical exercise aids in creating endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals. Any aerobic exercise, a game of tennis or a nature trek can provide the same sensation.

Our mind releases endorphins, especially when we have sex or laugh at our heart’s content. These endorphins handle the euphoria that comes with these experiences.

So how do endorphins make us happy? The answer lies in their ability to mitigate stress and pain by activating opiate receptors throughout the brain’s nervous system. When you exercise regularly, you experience an increase in endorphin production. Therefore, you can create your own happiness by reducing negative feelings of depression or anxiety from daily stressors.

Meditation reduces anxiety and stress.

What is another way to create your own happiness? Meditation and prayers are known to provide happy moments and have been linked to reducing anxiety and depression. Another benefit of meditation is that it reduces physical and mental pain. By reducing negative thoughts, your brain can focus on other things instead of unnecessary feelings.

Meditation’s “superpower” is controlling your mind so perfectly that nothing bothers you.

Eat healthily

Eating healthy is the best way to create your own happiness. Here are two great tips for having a happy mind by eating right.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, which help fight disease. Also, it boosts your immune system, increases energy levels, and keeps skin looking young. Add them to meals by packing them in salads or making smoothies with bananas or berries as the base.

Cut down on processed foods.

Processed food contains sugar and other artificial ingredients like MSGs. The processed sugar leads to weight gain. Although these foods taste great, but they not provide a little to no nutritional value for your body. By replacing them with whole grains, you will feel full so that you do not overindulge later during the day.

Having meaningful relationships makes you happy.

People having strong social connections are less likely to experience symptoms related to depression or anxiety. Researchers learned that people with happy minds are less likely to experience physical ailments. Because stress causes most illnesses, less happy minds will experience high blood pressure and cardiac issues.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having supportive relationships. Studies consistently show that having close friends decreases one’s risk of mortality.

We are social animals; when surrounded by people who appreciate you, it would empower you to create your own happiness. You will feel more connected when someone else shares the same joys or sorrows.


Happiness is not a destination, but a journey. Finding the right balance between things is the key to creating your happiness. When you find that balance, it will enable you to experience more positive moments, leading to true happiness.

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